CPD Team Standing Together Against Racism


UBC CPD stands strongly against racial injustice and discrimination. Our team is directly involved in educating healthcare professionals and supporting lifelong learning. We recognize the systemic impact of racism within our healthcare system and that we have an important role to play in creating a better future through education. We are committed to listening, learning, and taking action.

Specifically, we are taking the following actions:

  1. Committing as a team to standing up against acts of intolerance, bias, and racial injustice. One of our core values at UBC CPD that we co-created for our strategic plan was about how we treat each other: to listen, to show respect, and to care for one another. We will not accept hate, racism, or intolerance of any kind—we want everyone to feel safe, valued, and included.
  2. Create and support more opportunities for staff development and learning related to diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity. We are forming a new working group in our office to explore more options for staff training and providing more opportunities and safe spaces for sharing concerns, feelings, or specific instances of intolerance, mistreatment, or bias.
  3. Endeavor to have our faculty present any education with sensitivity to avoid racism and diminish factors that foster it. We are exploring how we can better support our instructors, presenters, and other CPD contributors.
  4. Work harder to address systemic racism in our healthcare system by offering more CPD opportunities for physicians and other health professionals. We have the power as educators and CPD providers to offer more education and training, for example cultural sensitivity training and recognizing unconscious bias, and to be enablers in bringing forward diverse voices and perspectives that can help address the deep problems and inequities in our system.

We recognize that all of us have a role to play in fighting racism.

- Your UBC CPD team

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