Doctor’s Lounge Series

What is the Doctor's Lounge Series?

There was a time when doctors crossed paths on a regular basis in the hospital's doctor’s lounge. It was there that primary care physicians (and specialists) could come together and discuss issues related to patient care, practice management, and professional work-life balance. With changes in practice habits, many family physicians no longer have hospital privileges and are faced with decreasing opportunities for collegial interaction and discussion of day-to-day practice questions.

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice (VDoFP) and UBC CPD launched two successful pilot workshops in Spring 2014 and engaged family physicians in identifying practice challenges that would benefit from collegial support, reconfirming and re-conceptualizing the modern-day Doctor’s Lounge while giving family physicians the opportunity to connect, share, and experience mentorship in real-time with their colleagues. Through these events, family physicians identified several topics for the Doctor’s Lounge series.

Who should attend?

Vancouver Division of Family Practice family physicians and resident members are invited to attend these events. Non-member family physicians or residents delivering the majority of their services in Vancouver are welcome to attend the event(s) and apply for membership with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice online

What will I learn?

The Doctor's Lounge series includes interactive workshops aimed at synergizing relevant, practical education with an opportunity for family physicians to build collegial relationships. You may attend one, some, or all of the workshops, whose content covers:

  1. Tech tips for family practice
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. Cultivating a Mode of Non-Doing: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to Prevent Physician Burnout
  4. Enhancing Patient Care and Practice Life through Optimized Chronic Disease Management and Expanded Services
  5. Maintaining Work-life Balance

At the end of the workshop(s), participants will be able to:

Tech Tips

  1. Utilize specific technologies in practice to enhance patient care and streamline office management
  2. Describe relevant and accessible ‘tech tips’ for family practice
  3. Discuss enablers and potential barriers to utilizing technology in their practice setting
  4. Network with colleagues to seek and provide advice and experience informal mentorship related to the use of technology in practice

Internal Medicine

  1. Gain further knowledge around common challenging clinical presentations directly from internal medicine specialists
  2. Formulate better referrals to subspecialists to ensure patients are triaged and seen efficiently
  3. Cultivate a sense of community and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange through networking and interacting with specialist colleagues


  1. Employ informal and formal mindfulness-meditation practices to detect and mitigate physician burnout
  2. Recognize the signs, symptoms, and causal factors of physician burnout
  3. Identify how mindfulness-meditation practices can aid in combating physician burnout and increase resilience
  4. Create a personalized physician burnout prevention plan
  5. Be able to introduce the concept of MBCT to patients

Chronic Disease Management

  1. Provide chronic disease management in a planned, proactive manner
  2. Utilize appropriate resources for chronic disease management, patient self-management and team-based care (e.g. information resources, billing, etc.)
  3. Apply knowledge to enhance patient care in chronic disease
  4. Apply knowledge to enhance patient care in mental health


Past Workshops

Workshop Date Certification

Dine & Learn: Sports Medicine and Active Living

March 7, 2019 2.0 Mainpro+
Internal Medicine Specialist Dine and Learn January 19, 2017 3.0 Mainpro+
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to Prevent Physician Burnout September 26, 2016 2.5 Mainpro+
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