Vivian Lam, BSc, BA

Senior Research Assistant

Vivian joined the UBC CPD team in April 2017 and supports a portfolio of projects that emphasize evidence-based practice and knowledge translation of medical research. She is currently working on a project funded by the BC Ministry of Health conducting evidence reviews on medical cannabis. Vivian is also involved in the development of online education on management of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in primary care, and has previously collaborated with the Practice Support Program (PSP) to generate clinical content to train and support family physicians and health professionals in BC. Vivian has a strong interest in health informatics, data-informed quality improvement, and developing indicators for quantification, supervision, and improvement of practice. She has extensive training in research methods, conducting literature reviews and systematic searches, and critical analysis of medical literature to inform educational programming and public health.

(604) 875-5101
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