5As of Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

5As of Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Online Module

Target Audience:

Family physicians, obstetricians, nurse practitioners, midwives, dietitians, and health care providers offering perinatal care in Canada.

Course Format: Online - available anytime, anywhere, on any device
Anytime, anywhere, on any device
Online Module from Vancouver BC


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This is a short online continuing medical education course designed for family physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, obstetricians, and dietitians offering antenatal care in Canada.

This course will introduce you to an office-based framework to help you discuss and manage gestational weight gain with your patients.


This course is divided into three units:

  • Unit 1 Background and evidence on weight gain in pregnancy
  • Unit 2 Introduction to 5As of healthy gestational weight gain counselling framework
  • Unit 3 Vignettes/Case scenarios

Key Speakers

Designed in partnership by UBC CPD and Perinatal Services BC, with input from the Canadian Obesity Network.

Skills Gained

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of healthy gestational weight gain;
  2. Describe the IOM guidelines and the 5As framework for healthy pregnancy weight gain;
  3. Employ the 5As of Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain framework for counselling patients about healthy pregnancy weight gain;
  4. Develop a practical approach for applying the 5As framework in a busy health care setting; and
  5. Identify and utilize resources to support the adoption of behaviours that facilitate healthy weight gain during pregnancy and the adoption of the 5As of Healthy Pregnancy Weight framework in practice.

CanMEDS-FM Roles: Communicator, health advocate, medical expert, professional, scholar, collaborator.



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Target Audience:

Community-based family physician working in British Columbia

Anytime, anywhere, on any device
Online Module from Vancouver  British Columbia  V5T 2M7
Target Audience:

Family physicians and other health care professionals in British Columbia who provide care during the perinatal period.

Anytime, anywhere, on any device
Online Module from Vancouver  British Columbia


UBC CPD eLearning, cpd.online@ubc.ca

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