CPD from other organizations

External CPD


CPD from other organizations collaborating with UBC CPD for registration services or accredited by the UBC CPD Accreditation and Certification Office.
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Grand Rounds

Calendar of online rounds: http://calendarwiz.com/bcrounds.

Distributed Academic Rounds is a joint service offered through UBC CPD and MedIT to improve UBC clinical faculty and community physician access to academic rounds in BC. Distributed Academic Rounds has a shared calendar showing rounds of all participating departments and allows you to access rounds through any computer, laptop, iPad, or another device with internet connection. If your department is taking part in this project you will find information on how to access these rounds through your departmental website (see below for

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UBC Departments

Teaching and research in the Faculty of Medicine is delivered through 19 departments, three schools, and 24 research institutes and centres.
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