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Rural Learning

We offer learning activities that meet your needs as a rural health care provider. View our multi-modal and diverse offerings on this page and connect with us to learn more about how we can meet your unique needs! 

Learning Activities

Peer Support

Coaching & Mentoring Program (CAMP)

The Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) fosters peer connections in rural practitioner networks to improve your practice, increase your confidence, and connect you to rural colleagues.

Click here to view the CAMP information page. 

For more information about coaching and mentoring, please email @email.

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Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks Coaching

The Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks (RSON) Coaching supports rural British Columbian surgical and obstetrical teams, including family physician anesthetics (FPA), family physician enhanced surgical skills (FPESS), surgeons, anesthetics, nurses, and midwives to build clinical and personal supportive relationships within their community and with their regional centre.  

This program supports community-specific learning needs of Creston, Fernie, Golden, Hazelton, Port Alberni, Revelstoke, Smithers, Squamish, and Vanderhoof.   

For more information about coaching, please email @email.  

Rural Obstetrical and Maternity Sustainability Program Coaching

ROAM-SP supports rural BC obstetrical and maternity teams, including family physicians, midwives, obstetricians and nurses, to build clinical and personal supportive relationships within your community, and increase your community-based confidence to provide local intrapartum services. Activities may focus on coaching, mentorship, peer exchange and support, skills development, and knowledge sharing among rural obstetric providers. Based on your community needs, sessions can be for individual and group coaching.

To bring ROAM to your community or for other inquiries, please contact Adrienne Peltonen at or call toll-free at 1-877-908-8222. For information on eligibility,please see here.

Personal Learning Plans

Personal Learning Plans (PLP) is a concierge continuing professional development (CPD) model that supports you with information about CPD opportunities to improve your ability to practice in your community in B.C. successfully.

Your matched physician advisor and concierge will work with you to uncover learning needs and goals, create a tailored learning plan, connect you to opportunities for professional development, and build your local, regional, or specialty networks.

Similar to a hotel concierge, we plan, organize, and make connections to local organizations to support you and your families’ integration into a new community of practice. Contributing to transition into a new community practice can improve the chance of success in obtaining full licensure and community retention.

For more information about Personal Learning Plans, please email @email.

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Learning Goal Examples

Some examples of learning goals may include, but are not limited to:

  • EMR
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound
  • Exam Study Support
  • ER Skills
  • Billing
  • Wellness/Family Support
  • Mental Health/CBT
  • Chronic Pain/Opioid Prescribing
  • Indigenous Cultural Safety


Real Time Virtual Support Simulation

Real-Time Virtual Support Pathways (RTVS) provide on-demand consultation to support patient care and rural healthcare collaboration. Physicians using the RTVS pathways can claim CME credits for time spent collaborating with a virtual provider. RTVS is an initiative of the Virtual Health and Wellness Collaborative for Rural and First Nations BC. For information about accessing the pathways visit:

We are supporting RTVS with CME certificates and a multi-modal simulation program. Contact us for more information: 

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Current Pathways
  • RUDi (emergency)
  • ROSe (critical care)
  • CHARLiE (pediatrics)
  • MaBAL (maternity and newborn)
  • Compass (child and youth mental health)
  • MyoLIVE (myofascial pain)
  • RheumLIVE (rheumatology)
  • Hematology
  • Dermatology
  • Thrombosis
Learning Objectives
  1. Discuss a challenging case
  2. Develop an action plan
  3. Identify systemic features or protocols you can change for future cases
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Cultural Safety

Indigenous Patient Led CPD

We are an Elder-led group from Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds working together with a common aim to increase cultural safety and humility in rural BC by building relationships between First Nations and physician communities. 

We support Indigenous communities interested in developing community-specific Indigenous cultural safety and humility training for their local physician community. We can offer support through our Elder-led group of Cultural Safety educators along with administrative and financial resources.

To find out more, email Lisa McCune, Project Manager, @email 

Guiding Principles

Co-developed and co-facilitated: Sharing best practices with rural physicians and health care providers to foster cultural humility, address systemic bias, and improve the health of Indigenous peoples.

Community-based and patient-led: ​​​​​​Community and patient voices are central. 

Strengthening Cultural Safety: Addressing systems of oppression, racism and bias. Building and strengthening relationships between First Nations and physician communities by creating opportunities for self-reflection and dialogue.

Brokered Dialogue

Brokered dialogue is one of the many methods that a community might choose to engage with their local health care team. We value creating spaces for patients and physicians to come together while ensuring that this project is Elder-led and community-led. In co-creating community-driven Indigenous cultural safety and humility education, we honour narratives through storytelling and other Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being.

Meeting of the Minds 2019

On October 4th, 2019, we gathered 30 leaders in Indigenous Cultural Safety and humility from across the province of BC to meet in Vancouver at an Elder-Led ‘Meeting of the Minds.’ At this meeting, we gathered to learn the current status of Indigenous Cultural Safety, and identify next steps that communities value. Below are the graphic recordings of this event.

Meeting of the Minds 2020

On October 14th, 2020, we gathered 10 leaders in Indigenous Cultural Safety and humility from across the province of BC to meet virtually at an Elder-Led ‘Meeting of the Minds.’ At this meeting, we gathered to learn the current status of Indigenous Cultural Safety and the impact that Covid-19 holds on this work, and identified next steps that our communities value.

Graphic recording representing the meeting of the minds


Graphic recording of the meeting of the minds gathering



Hands-On Ultrasound Education

HOUSE travels to your community to deliver accredited point-of-care ultrasound to enhance your management of patients. This course is highly interactive with a low instructor to student ratio. Point-of-care ultrasound has a diverse range of applications in care and we will work with you to build an agenda that meets the unique needs of your community. The course is adaptable for group sizes of 4 to 16. Contact us to explore options for your community:

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Emergency Medicine

This course is customizable based on the acute care cases your community frequently encounters including shock, trauma, abdominal pain, musculoskeletal, dyspnea, and more. 


This course focuses on first and third trimester ultrasound indications including fetal presentation, fetal cardiac activity, amniotic fluid index, identification of multiple fetuses, first trimester dating.

Internal Medicine

This course focuses on point-of-care ultrasound applications that are aplicable for internal medicine. Some examples include jugular venous pressure (JVP), inferior vena cava (IVC), lung, cardiac, procedures and systems based ultrasound. 



Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies (ESCAPE)

This one-day, high-fidelity simulation course focuses on building team dynamics to optimize crisis resource management in the rural perioperative setting. The scenarios are customized based on your community's needs and the entire team is encouraged to participate including family physician anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, enhanced surgical skills physicians, and nurses. ESCAPE is designed and delivered by family practice anesthesiologists who understand the challenges of providing surgical care in a low-volume rural setting. Contact us to explore options for your community:

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Sample Agenda
15 minutes Introductions
75 minutes Scenario A
15 minutes Break
75 minutes Scenario B
30 minutes Break
75 minutes Scenario C
15 minutes Wrap-up 



Airway Mannequin Loans

We support and encourage rural healthcare teams to practice airway management skills and drills on a regular basis by facilitating loans of adult, pediatric, and infant mannequins. We ship the equipment to your community along with rurally relevant scenarios. The cost of the loan is $300 plus GST. Most loans are for 14 days, but if you indicate in your request we may have the flexibility for longer loans. Contact us to request a loan:

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Handheld Ultrasound Loans

Handheld ultrasounds can make it easier to incorporate point-of-care ultrasound into your practice. To help you decide if a handheld ultrasound is right for your clinical practice and to practice your ultrasound skills we are pleased to offer several handheld ultrasounds on loan to you. You might also find this article helpful explaining the options currently available:

Contact us to request a loan:

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Virtual Health Grand Rounds

Virtual Health Grand Rounds helps you navigate innovative technology use in patient care and health education. Offered in partnership with Rural Education Action Plan (REAP), UBC Digital Emergency Medicine, BC Academic Emergency Network, and the Academic Health Science Network. Contact us with questions and topic ideas:

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Rural Rounds

A live, interactive video rounds program developed by rural physicians, for rural physicians. Sessions are targeted to rural communities, physicians, students, and other health care providers. Rural Rounds is currently undergoing a redesign, more details coming soon. Contact us with questions:

Archived Recordings

2019-2020 RCPD Annual Report

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