UBC CPD is a CACME-accredited Provider.

The medical profession in Canada maintains ongoing standards of knowledge, skill, and professional conduct through accredited CPD programs. UBC CPD is accredited by and adheres to the standards of the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Education (CACME) and is thereby able to provide CPD study credits to physicians for learning activities on behalf of the two national medical colleges, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), and College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). UBC CPD reviews and approves hundreds of CPD activities both internal and external to the UBC Faculty of Medicine each year through our Accreditation Office.

Ensure Eligibility

  • Only physician organizations are eligible to apply for credits.
  • Applications from pharmaceutical, medical communications, or for-profit companies will not be accepted.
  • For Mainpro+ credits for non-UBC activities please apply directly to the BC Chapter of the CFPC
  • Physicians must be the primary target audience of the CPD activity. 

CPD credits are for the learners on whom the needs assessment has been done. Planners are not eligible to receive the same CPD credits that are attached to a formalized program (ie. one that has registration & certificates). Instead, planners, speakers, and facilitators can collect self-learning credits, which they can claim on their own.

Meetings that are 100% interactive, in which everyone has equal input, are not eligible for the credits that UBC CPD can provide. An activity that is a needs assessment/planning session is often the phase prior to arriving at the final program that could be eligible for CPD credits. 

UBC CPD can only provide CPD credits for content that has been determined, there is no blanket accreditation for undecided or unknown content. Please see Credit Types, Frequency and Learning Formats.

Application Review Fees

A non-refundable fee is charged for application reviews. The following fees are in effect as of July 25, 2022 and are subject to an annual increase.

PAY ONLINE (visa or MC): https://events.eply.com/accreditationpayment


  UBC Activity Non-UBC Activity
  Commercial Sponsorship Commercial Sponsorship
  N Y N Y
MOC Section 1 $400 $625 $625 $725
Mainpro+ $495 $715 N/A N/A
Both $850 $1100 N/A N/A
MOC Section 3 $675 $875 $875 $1075
Expedited (4 weeks) $300 $425 $300 $425

UBC Activity = physician organization is within UBC FoM; all Mainpro+ activities
Non-UBC Activity = physician organization is outside UBC FoM

Expedited = less than 4 weeks to start date (less than 2 weeks not accepted).

Processing time

Regular processing time is 4–6 weeks after receiving a complete application package including all documentation and signatures. Please note that any missing elements will delay the process. Applicants should plan at least 3 months in advance to allow time for review and advertising CPD program credits.

Applications received 2–4 weeks before the activity are processed as “Expedited” with an additional expedited fee.

Applications received within 2 weeks (10 working days) or less of an activity start date cannot be processed.

Educational Consultation

A free initial educational consultation to determine the suitability of a type of CPD activity for CPD credits is available. A customized overview of processes for developing a program in accordance with the standards can be provided.

Accreditation vs Certification

The continuous learning process of CPD allows specialists and family physicians to maintain certification with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), and College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), respectively, and qualify for annual medical license renewal.

The Royal College refers to the process of obtaining CPD credits for a program as accreditation, and the CFPC calls it certification. Generally speaking however, the overall process of obtaining CPD credits is still referred to as "accreditation".

Credit Types

Each of the two national medical colleges, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), has a framework of all the CPD credits available to Canadian physicians. In these frameworks, the terms accredited and certified refer to program credits which are obtained by working with or applying to a CACME-accredited CPD provider, such as UBC CPD. If the criteria are met, the learning activity can advertise CPD credits and provide participants with a certificate bearing the official Royal College accreditation and/or CFPC certification statement. All other CPD credits physicians may self-claim via self-learning with their college.

UBC CPD can provide the following credit types (highlighted in pink):

•    MOC Section 1 or Section 3
•    Mainpro+

See which Learning Formats are eligible.

Delivery Frequency

UBC CPD can only provide CPD credits for content that has been pre-planned; there is no blanket accreditation for undecided or unknown content. The following options are available:

Single Program

Occurs once. An accredited program may be repeated throughout the accreditation period (eg. for audiences in different locations across BC). Annual programs require a new application each year.

Regularly Scheduled Series

Regularly scheduled series (RSS) sessions are pre-planned ahead of time, with the content, speakers and learning objectives for the series based on the learning gaps identified in the initial needs assessment.  This is the most appropriate route for hosting regular CPD that is outside a hospital setting. UBC CPD can accredit RSS for both Mainpro+ and MOC under a single application.

Modular programs

Same idea as a series, but non-sequential. UBC CPD can accredited a program consisting of several sessions up front, then sessions may be run as needed throughout the accreditation period.


Rounds are a special subset of regularly scheduled activities in which the content is open to change each session. Because of the leeway in content, rounds required extra accountability. The term ‘rounds’ is reserved for a clinical setting and are required to be accountable to a hospital chief of staff. Credits for family physicians rounds are available through UBC CPD if criteria are met. Specialist rounds cannot be accredited through UBC CPD - please see the Royal College rounds self-approval.

During the Review

No reference to MOC or Mainpro+ credits may be made prior to the official approval. Until an application has been approved, it is not permissible to indicate in marketing and communications that credits have been granted, applied for, or pending. The statement "to be advised", or similar, is not permitted.


The summary of yes/no responses to the industry bias question on the evaluations must be forwarded to UBC CPD within three months following the CPD Activity.