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You can suggest a topic or contribute an article. Our physician editorial team will provide you with feedback in order to finalize your article. Articles on “This Changed My Practice” are designed for rapid consumption, typically taking 5 minutes to read (700–1000 words) and only use these headings:

  1. What I did before/What care gaps or frequently asked questions I have noticed
  2. What changed my practice/Data that answers these questions or gaps
  3. What I do now/What I recommend (practice tip)
  4. References (AMA style)
  5. Resources/Additional reading/Handouts for patients (if applicable)

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Articles (0.25 credits/article):

PCR swabs: a useful diagnostic tool for identifying syphilis  
Dr. Rohit Vijh

Using data for practice quality improvement to address blood sugar challenges for complex care patient  
Dr. Omesh Syal

New guidance on alcohol and health from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction  
Dr. Paxton Bach

Talking smart: conversational AI streamlines clinical practice  
Rohit Singla PhD, Dr. Daniel Raff, Dr. Hester Vivier, and Dr. Andre Van Wyk

Gouty pitfalls  
Drs. Carson Chin, Nathan Hitchman, and Jordan Friedmann

Asthma and COPD as-needed inhalers (SABD): where refills matter!  
Drs. Kevin Liang and Philip Hui

Palliative approach to care and serious illness conversations  
Dr. Shirley Samuel-Haynes

Effectively managing imposter syndrome in medicine  
Beata Chamin

Psychedelics: safely navigating a new frontier  
Dr. Rachel Grimminck, Dr. Jo Hoffman, and Dr. Laura McLean

No more reading glasses: daily eyedrops for presbyopia  
Dr. Nawaaz Nathoo and Sorayya Seddigh

Changing the game for Acute Infectious Diarrhea — IDP for the win!  
Dr. Ken Tan, Dr. Julia Stewart, Dr. Doug McTaggart, Dr. Sandra Lee, Chase Simms (MPH)

Implementing Prescribing Portraits — Therapeutics Initiative  
Drs. Jill Norris and Jessica Otte

Thromboprophylaxis in ambulatory cancer patients  
Drs. Domnick Manhas and Tony Wan

Management of Helicobacter pylori in 2023: who should be tested, treated, and how  
Dr. Sander Veldhuyzen van Zanten

Offering Brief Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (BBTi) in primary care settings  
Vinicio Delgado and Dr. Wayne Lai

Identifying and treating iron deficiency in patients hospitalized for heart failure  
Hans Haag and Dr. Ricky Turgeon

SGLT2i in patients with diabetes: translating an evolving body of evidence to the nuances of practice  
Jamison Falk, PharmD

Help, “hive” got a rash! – Article 2: Practical tips in the management of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU)  
Drs. Kevin Lee and Persia Pourshahnazari

Managing syphilis during pregnancy — practice tip  
Drs. Rohit Vijh and Jason Wong

Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) — a refresher  
Drs. Kerstin Gustafson and Colleen Dy

Spinal stenosis — practice tips  
Dr. Mark Adrian

LNG-IUS (Mirena) IUD for emergency contraception   
Dr. Emma Coffey

Help, “hive” got a rash! — Article 1: Practical tips in the assessment of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU)   
Drs. Kevin Lee and Persia Pourshahnazari

Pharmacotherapy for Tobacco Use Disorder  
Drs. Clara Lu and Renée Janssen

Ceiling doses of ketorolac and ibuprofen in acute pain management  
Dr. John van Bockxmeer, Dr. Vishal Varshney, and Anthony Lau, PharmD

Vaginal progesterone for the prevention of preterm birth  
Drs. Jennifer Kask and Kirsten Duckitt  

Bugs & Drugs guide to antimicrobial therapy  
Dr. Karin Kausky, Dr. Tracy Monk, and Daniela Michel, MPH

Diagnosis and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) using virtual health  
Dr. Caitlin Dunne

Moving into the treatment phase of the COVID-19 pandemic  
Jolanta Piszczek, Pharm D, Dr. Alissa Wright, and Dr. Jennifer Grant

Radon: a preventable cause of lung cancer  
Drs. Cheryl Young and David McVea

Women with ADHD  
Dr. Elisabeth Baerg Hall

Offering CBT skills by group medical visits  
Drs. Fiona Petigara and Joanna Cheek

Why I talk about all Long Term Reversible Contraception (LARC)  
Dr. Konia Trouton

Duration of antimicrobial therapy for common infections in primary care  
Dr. Kevin Afra, Maggie Wong, PharmD, Tim T.Y. Lau, PharmD, and Dr. Victor Leung

Hepatitis C birth cohort testing  
Drs. Mel Krajden and Jim Gray

It’s not the ear — how TMD can confound clinicians  
Dr. Arman Abdalkhani

Mitigating the climate impact of asthma therapy  
Drs. Val Stoynova and Celia Culley

Prevention of recurrent cellulitis  
Drs. J Marie Kim and William Connors

Inflammatory back pain: distinguishing it from common mechanical back pain  
Drs. Angela Hu, Jon Chan, and Neda Amiri

Why I no longer prescribe weight loss, calculate BMI, or use the term “obesity”  
Dr. Katarina Wind

Identifying Advanced Heart Failure in your patient  
Dr. Michael Diamant

Practice tips for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF): supporting patients with medications and self-monitoring  
Shari Hurst, RN BN

Practice Tip (for BC practitioners) utilizing PathwaysBC beyond specialist lookups — finding patient handouts, requisitions, point-of-care tools  
Drs. Tracy Monk, Nick Graham, Karin Kausky, Michele Thomasse, and Ryan Gallagher

Use of non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis  
Drs. Shirley Jiang and Hin Hin Ko

Pharmacologic thromboprophylaxis in hospitalized patients with COVID-19  
Drs. Alejandro Dau, Agnes Lee, and Tony Wan

Tokes in the throat: cannabis smoking-related harm in otolaryngology  
Brendan McNeely and Dr. Amanda Hu

Perioperative anticoagulation management in mechanical heart valves, the PERIOP2 trial   
Drs. Taylor Drury, Poupak Rahmani, and Tony Wan

Advances in diabetes glucose monitoring  
Gerri Klein RN MScN

Cultivating compassion for people who are unvaccinated  
Drs. Tandi Wilkinson and Shireen Mansouri

PAUSE Trial & Thrombosis Canada Guidelines: practice tip  
Drs. Elina Liu, Erin Morley, and Anna Rahmani

Adult ADHD — practice tip  
Dr. Elisabeth Baerg Hall

Physician well-being during COVID-19 — burnout & moral injury  
Beata Chami

Approach to the patient with flashes and/or floaters  
Drs. Lauren Hughes and Heather L. O'Donnell

Can we identify patients at risk for Opioid Use Disorder when beginning opioid analgesics for pain from new or ongoing non-cancer causes?  
Jan Klimas, PhD; Michee-Ana Hamilton, MSc; Malcolm Maclure, ScD; Rita McCracken, MD, CCFP, PhD

New treatment option for Primary Biliary Cholangitis  
Drs. Shirley Jiang, Edward Tam, and Hin Hin Ko

Curing through connection: A 3-part series on attachment, resilience, and health. Article 3: The importance of attachment theory in healthcare  
Drs. Linda Uyeda and Ashley Miller

IMPROVE VTE scoring to guide VTE prophylaxis for medical inpatients  
Drs. Charles Au, Tristen Gilchrist, and Agnes Lee

Concussion rehabilitation update and a free self-management concussion tool  
Sue Barlow and Carolyn Rondeau

Curing through connection: A 3-part series on attachment, resilience, and health. Article 2: Parenting during a pandemic  
Dr. Ashley Miller and Dr. Linda Uyeda

Giant Cell Arteritis part 2: treatment  
Drs. Jordan Friedmann, Neda Amiri, Mohammad Bardi, Natasha Dehghan

A refresher in pelvic pain  
Dr. Colleen Dy, Zerlyn Lee, and Adrienne Sim

Clearing up the confusion around pneumococcal vaccines  
Dr. Susan Hollenberg

Curing through connection: A 3-part series on attachment, resilience, and health. Article 1: Cultivating secure bonds with our children during stressful times  
Drs. Linda Uyeda and Ashley Miller

Rate versus rhythm control in patients with Atrial Fibrillation: time to change the paradigm?  
Drs. Christopher Cheung, Kenneth Gin, and Jason G. Andrade

Specialists and family practice: tackling the pseudo-penicillin allergy epidemic together  
Drs. Raymond Mak and Tiffany Wong

Sodium Glucose Cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors: New drug class in the treatment of Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction — DAPA-HF and EMPEROR-Reduced trials  
Tanveer Brar, Doson Chua, and Laura Atiyeh

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