Give life to your CPD ideas at any stage, from conception to implementation.

Course & Program Development

We offer a wide range of solutions to give life to CPD ideas at any stage, from conception to implementation. Our team of experts in instructional design, project management, education, accreditation, research, committee establishment, and partnerships, along with our extended network of subject matter experts, can help create, improve, build, deliver, and accredit your CPD idea. We help you bring your valuable teachings and insights to the health care community. Check out our areas of expertise below or contact us to discuss your ideas.


We offer expertise in medical education program design, budgeting, and full operational management for both in-person and virtual events.

Contact Lindsay Callan to learn more. 

Clinical Simulations

Our team offers expertise is planning, implementing and evaluating both high and low-fidelity clinical simulations. We focus on working with communities to tailor the education to meet their clinical learning needs as well as team building, communication, and resource planning. 

Contact Kathryn Young to learn more.

Curriculum Design

Our learning and curriculum experts are passionate about education design. Whether you want to build a brand new educational initiative or refresh existing education, we offer consultation to identify the most effective ways to deliver your content for the unique needs of your audience.

Contact Kathryn Young to learn more.

Needs Assessments

UBC CPD’s research and evaluation staff will plan and administer needs assessments to better understand what is important to your health care provider audience, both in clinical practice and CPD. Our services include survey/questionnaire development, conducting focus groups and interviews, data analysis and reporting.

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If you have an idea for an online course, bring your vision to life with UBC CPD Online Learning Services. Add your course to our growing online library of high-quality certified and accredited offerings, and share your expertise and knowledge using best online learning practices.

We offer a-la-carte course design and delivery services – everything you need to make your course a reality. Our team of instructional designers, multimedia experts and education specialists work with you to design, build and deliver your course.

Our services include:

  • Storyboarding, digital content creation and writing
  • User testing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Registration and maintenance
  • Course accreditation (Mainpro+ credits)
  • Bilingual (English/French) courses

All courses are hosted on the UBC CPD eLearning platform. You can choose to offer open online courses for free to all learners, or charge a fee to a targeted audience.

Our growing library of online courses are very popular with BC healthcare providers, as participants receive certified and accredited, high quality, up-to-date, convenient, accessible and relevant CME from their homes, offices and mobile devices. UBC CPD participants have requested additional programs be delivered in this format, and recent literature shows that online learning can be as effective as in-person educational sessions.

Content Design

From written content to visuals and interactivity, we will work with you to ensure that our lesson content is delivered in the most effective way possible.


All our online courses can be supplemented by custom visual imagery that enhance learner engagement and interest. From medical illustrations to cartoons and iconography, our team can do it all.

User testing

Our interactive courses are created through an iterative process, ensuring that our design decisions are informed through input from both our learners and subject matter experts. 

Contact Kate Campbell to learn more.

Peer Support

We offer expertise in establishing and formalizing peer support relationships among faculty members, healthcare providers, and communities in BC. Peer support can take many forms, from an occasional phone call to hands-on coaching on clinical skills. Some examples of topics include transitions in practice, emergency medicine, palliative care, Indigenous patient care, personal wellness and more.

We also offer expertise in developing training opportunities for those looking to improve their skills in coaching and mentoring (i.e. providing feedback, difficult conversations, etc.). 

Please contact Stephanie Ameyaw to learn more.

Practice Improvement

Are you looking to implement quality and practice improvement approaches in your education and program design? Whether you are looking to evaluate practice change, support action planning, or implement measurement strategies, our team can help you design an approach to meet your needs.

Please contact Stephanie Ameyaw to learn more.

Webinars and Rounds

We support you to reach a large audience of learners across British Columbia, Canada and beyond. Our educational consultation and live event delivery support includes logistics planning, marketing, evaluation and virtual platform hosting to make your webinar or rounds education a success.

Please contact Kathryn Young to learn more.


We offer full-service workshops from start to finish. Our staff work with you to design, develop and deliver interactive and transformative virtual small group learning sessions for healthcare providers.

Please contact Kathryn Young to learn more.