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Practice Support Program — Module Evolution

The Practice Support Program (PSP) is a quality improvement focused GPSC initiative. Through PSP, doctors have the opportunity to practice more efficiently, focus on providing proactive care, and work towards adopting the attributes of the patient medical home in British Columbia. With doctors’ schedules in mind PSP’s services are customized to meet each practice’s needs.

Over time, PSP has experienced an increased demand for flexible, accessible training sessions. In their current form, PSP Learning Modules represent a significant time commitment for a physician. Shorter, more dynamic education opportunities would allow more physicians to access module content. There also continue to be conversations about how to make these sessions even more accessible and connected to in-practice visits.

In 2017, PSP partnered with UBC CPD to form a long-term partnership leveraging the strengths of each organization enabling PSP to focus on supporting practices to plan for implement improvements to practice via the Practice Support Network. Specifically, PSP asked UBC CPD to evolve education into dynamic, interactive, and multi-modal offerings on topics including chronic disease management, chronic pain, and palliative care. The project concluded in Feb 2020. 

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Delivery of the evolved content will continue to occur regionally through the PSP. Physician Peer Mentors and PSP Regional Team members work with family physicians and their practice teams to identify their current learning priorities and what practice improvement areas they are interested in. Physicians are able to access tailored learning pathways that reflect their immediate priorities and team needs with ongoing in-practice support to turn their learnings into action.

For more information about delivery, how to access the content, and the Practice Support Program, please see https://www.pspexchangebc.ca/.

Practice Support Program