Awards for Innovation & Service in CPD/CME

Two annual awards are available to recognize exemplary activities in Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Medical Education (CPD/CME) for the UBC Faculty of Medicine (UBC FoM) faculty and staff. Nominate your colleagues today!

Award Nominations

1. Innovation in CPD/CME (Click to view)

•    Recognize outstanding innovation and/or creativity of original work in the area of CPD/CME program development and research.

•    The winner of this award may be an individual, a group, an organization, or a specific CPD/CME program.
•    The winner must be affiliated with the UBC FoM. For individuals, eligibility is limited to clinical or full time faculty, or full or part time staff of the UBC FoM. For program, the program must have official linkage to a Division, Department, School or Research Centre within the UBC FoM.

Evaluation Criteria:
•    Originality, creativity, novelty or ingenuity of method, delivery or application of technology
•    Innovation in course design, evaluation, promotion, organization, or achievement of educational objectives
•    Relevance to the needs of the target population
•    The potential value of the CME/CPD activity to transmit or apply existing knowledge to improve health outcomes and/or CPD

2. Distinguished Service to CPD/CME (Click to view)

•    This award recognizes substantial long term contributions, distinguished commitments or outstanding service to UBC FoM sponsored CPD/CME activities.

•    The winner of this award must be an individual.
•    Eligibility is limited to clinical or full time faculty or full time (or part time) staff of the UBC FoM.

Evaluation Criteria:
•    Innovation, creativity, and ingenuity
•    Research or other scholarly activity
•    Administrative contributions to the field of CPD/CME
•    Contributions in teaching, program development, or other related areas
•    Number and frequency of contributions
•    Feedback of participants

Download: Nomination Package.
Submit the full nomination package to:
Nominee(s): must be affiliated with UBC FoM.
Nominator: all individuals (UBC or external) can submit multiple nominations.
Important: Do not attempt to complete fillable forms within your internet browser. Click here to view instructions.

Award recipients receive an honorarium of $1,000 and a public recognition at the Annual Faculty of Medicine Awards Reception. UBC CPD promotes the importance of continuing education as part of physicians’ lifelong learning. The CPD/CME UBC FoM awards provide heightened recognition of the important work being done in this area and demonstrate the value the UBC FoM places on this phase of the continuum of medical education.

Please download the nomination package and submit:

  1. Nomination form.
  2. Letter of recommendation: provide rationale and background information on the nominee. Up to 1000 words. Summarize the nominee’s contributions to CPD and why the candidate should be chosen to receive this award (specifically addressing the criteria for the award).
  3. Feedback from CPD/CME program participants: maximum of three pages, optional.
  4. Support letters: minimum one, maximum three. Support letters are included in the nomination package or download them here . Collect all to submit with your nomination.

Submit the FULL nomination package electronically to: Nominations will be reviewed by a formal adjudication committee.

Adjudication Guidelines

  • Nominations will stand for three years
  • Applications can be updated the second and third year if the award is not granted
  • It is the nominator’s responsibility to keep the nomination current
  • The adjudication committee, in its sole discretion, will resolve questions concerning eligibility
  • An award may not be granted every year
  • The identity of nominees will not be made public unless they win the award
  • Decisions made by the adjudication committee are final and may not be appealed
  • Before announcing the winner, the adjudication committee will determine that the nominee is willing to receive and accept the award
  • Posthumous awards will not be made
  • Award winners will not normally be considered for an award if they have won the same award within the previous 3 years

Previous Recipients


On behalf of the Awards Committee, the Division of Continuing Medical Education and the UBC Faculty of Medicine, we would like to offer our congratulations and thank 2018 award winners for their impactful contributions to CPD! UBC CPD applauds all of the nominees and thanks the nominators for putting their names forward. Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Guillemi and Dr. Bourgeois-Law for their innovation, dedication and service to CPD/CME. The winners and their guests are invited to the Annual Faculty of Medicine Awards Reception where their award will be presented by the Dean.

Award for Distinguished Service to CPD

Recognizes substantial long term contributions to Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine .

Gisele Bourgeois-Law

Dr. Bourgeois-Law has provided exemplary innovative, scholarly and sound administrative leadership and service to Continuing Professional Development over the length of her academic career. Known for her work in assessment of international medical graduates and remediation of practicing physicians, she built collaborative networks for faculty development at UBC, started peer-coaching for leadership skills, and mentored many. Nationally she has surveyed CPD programs for accreditation, participated in AFMC committees, and took on the inaugural chair for the Canadian Association of Medical Education (CAME) professional development committee. Currently a PhD student in HPE, she exemplifies scholarly and dedicated service to CPD.

Award for Innovation in CPD

Recognizes outstanding innovation and/or creativity with original work in the area of CME/CPD programming.

Dr. Silvia Guillemi, Family Practice
Dr. Silvia Guillemi

The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Clinical Education and Training team have developed and implemented unique and innovative opportunities for training and education in the field of HIV/AIDS in BC. A spectrum of educational programs and events have been developed to meet the needs of those who identify as novice, through to mastery, with consideration given to program accessibility for those who are located rurally. Programming includes online courses, an Intensive Preceptorship Program, webinars, and recorded lectures and events. Ongoing evaluations and research demonstrate the positive impact of these initiatives in patient care and outcomes.

Read more about 2018 Faculty of Medicine Award Recipients:

2017 (View)
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Christie Newton, Department of Family Practice

2016 (View)
Innovation in CPD: Dr. Jasmine Allaire, Department of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Julian Marsden, Department of Emergency Medicine

2015 (View)
Innovation in CPD: IEPEP Program (Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Exam Preparation)/Dr. Alison Greig, Department of Physical Therapy
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Mary Bennett, Department of Pediatrics

2014 (View)
Innovation in CPD: Dr. Devin Harris, Department of Emergency Medicine
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Leslie Sadownik, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

2013 (View)
Innovation in CPD: Dr. Afshin Khazei, Department of Emergency Medicine
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Shirley Sze, Department of Family Practice

Innovation in CPD: Dr. Rivian Weinerman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, UBC Faculty of Medicine
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. John Mancini , Professor/Program Director Continuing Medical Education, UBC Cardiology; Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Research Laboratory, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Innovation in CPD: Dr. Jeff Plant, Clinical Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine; CPD Educator, RCPSC; Medical Director, UBC CPD
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Rona Cheifetz, Assistant Professor; Director – Continuing Medical Education, UBC Department of Surgery; Consultant – Surgical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency (Provincial Health Services Authority)

Innovation in CPD: Sue Stanton, Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. William Schreiber, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Innovation in CPD: Dr. Kendall Ho, Director – eHealth Strategy Office; Associate Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine

Innovation in CPD: Dr. Akber Mithani, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Vice President, Providence Health Care and Ms. Taj Bhaloo, Adjunct Professor, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology; Formerly, Director, Centre of Innovation, Providence Health Care

Innovation in CPD: Dr. Harry Karlinsky, Clinical Professor and Director of Continuing Professional Development, Department of Psychiatry
Distinguished Service to CPD: Dr. Grant Innes, UBC Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery Division of Emergency Medicine

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