Practice Ready Assessment - British Columbia (PRA-BC)

PRA-BC Candidates

At UBC CPD, we coordinate at deliver a multi-day Centralized Orientation for new-to-BC family physicians already enrolled in the Practice Ready Assessment BC (PRA-BC) Program.

The Centralized Orientation is focused on providing a comprehensive overview of the Canadian medical system and culture. We prepare PRA-BC candidates for the 12-week Clinical Field Assessment (CFA) component of the program.

As of Spring 2022, we have returned to in-person delivery of this program. As part of the Centralized Orientation, candidates are required to complete pre-work activities (such as online learning modules, readings, self-assessment, etc.) ahead of the live in-person sessions.

We continue to provide an interactive, learner-centric overview of topics including:

  • Canadian healthcare standards and practices (including medico-legal information)
  • Organizations, programs, tools and resources available at the local, provincial and national level
  • Patient-centred care and cultural awareness

  • Medical record keeping

  • Prescribing, addiction medicine, pharmacy, maternity and newborn care, pediatric medicine, elderly patient care, palliative care, mental health, sexual health, public health, rural emergency medicine and much more.

For Current Candidates

You will receive direct email communication from PRA-BC and UBC CPD regarding specific details of your Centralized Orientation.

We recommend that you become familiar with the tools that will be used to assess your performance. Click here to review the forms.

For Prospective Candidates

Please visit for further information including details about eligibility. Eligibility for the program is determined by PRA-BC. Questions can be directed to @email.