Emily Boardman, BA

Program Coordinator

Emily earned her B.A Recreation and Health Education from the University of Victoria and has extensive experience planning programs, most recently as the Special Events Coordinator at the Arthritis Society in Vancouver. Her program work to date includes considerable experience recruiting and managing volunteers, proven leadership on high-profile planning committees, and the successful production of numerous multi-city fundraising events. During her time as Coordinator of Services at Recreation Integration Victoria, Emily managed the Supported Child Development Program, providing individualized assistance to families of children with disabilities as they accessed inclusive recreational programs. In addition to her local pursuits, she is also an avid traveler, having held positions in the field of education in both the UK and China. 

In her current role, Emily is working with the Rural CPD team on the Clinical Coaching for Excellence program, which fosters coaching relationships to educate and provide support for rural health practitioners.

(604) 875-4111
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