Vendor Number

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  • In order to pay a clinic or practitioner for a treatment service, ICBC requires a vendor number.
  • A vendor number may identify an individual physician or a clinic – it will depend on how the vendor number was originally set up and what specific business arrangement is in place.
  • Some EMRs will prepopulate this number when opening a new report.
  • If you are a locum, please use the vendor number of the entity providing you payment (i.e. the clinic as a whole or the individual physician you are filling in for).


Finding your vendor number

If you have previously treated a person who is insured by ICBC, you will find your vendor number on the vendor statement or EFT statement you received from ICBC. Use the number identifying the clinic or practitioner that is paying you for providing your treatment service.

If you are not sure what your vendor number is please call the ICBC Health Care Inquiry Unit (8:30 am – 4:00 pm M-F; 1-877-717-7150). If you do not have a vendor number you can apply for one online here.

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