Research and Evaluation

Our Rural CPD Program is continually collecting quantitative and qualitative data from our programs to ensure we are staying connected to our rural and remote learners. We also conduct more in-depth studies to explore topics and issues that are relevant to our learners. This information also help to inform our strategic planning and direction.

The RCPD Program was created based on findings from a province-wide assessment of the learning needs of physicians living in British Columbia Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) communities.

Below are some recent examples of studies we have conducted to inform our work. If you would like any additional information about the information below, please email us at

Rural Continuous Quality Improvement Needs Assessment (2017)

We wanted to explore what the necessary supports for effective practice improvement (PI)/quality improvement (QI) for physicians in rural and remote communities in BC. Our investigation considered factors beyond classical CPD including physician engagement, recruitment/retention issues of relevance, and system support issues. This study was completed in 2019 and its findings will help inform how best to support rural physicians to more fully engage in effective PI/QI activities.

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Rural Emergency Medicine Needs Assessment (2015)

In early 2013, we set out to better understand the needs of rural Emergency Medicine (EM) providers in British Columbia. We wanted to investigate the system, workplace, and educational factors that impact recruitment, retention, comfort, and confidence of rural EM physicians. The study was completed in 2015 and the findings have been used to inform our programming.

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