Specialized Projects and Programs

Here you will find information about our specialized projects, programs, and initiatives. Some of the projects are for specific audiences, such as rural practitioners or international medical graduates; some are by topic, such as oncology or physiotherapy; some are by parterships, such as ICBC or Divisions of Family Practice. All of the courses from these projects are also listed in All CPD Courses. For the list of all courses and to register for educational events please go to https://ubccpd.ca/courses or to view by a specific topic https://ubccpd.ca/courses/categories.


This changed my practice

TCMP (thischangedmypractice.com) is a free online educational initiative by UBC CPD with a vision to deliver quick summaries of impactful clinical studies, clinical pearls and practice tips (including new billing codes, drug approvals, etc). Think of it as sitting down with a trusted colleague and asking them: “what new information changed your practice in the last year?” Read short articles written by your colleagues on what has recently changed their practice, and earn credits. Credits are automatically uploaded to your college every 3 months. New article is published every two weeks. You can subscribe to receive new articles directly to your inbox. UBC CPD received the Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award for This Changed My Practice in 2012 and the CFPC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award in 2014.

Vancouver Division of Family Practice Collaborations

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice (VDoFP) is a not-for-profit society established by and for Vancouver family physicians. Sharing the same underlying goals of improving primary care for patients and supporting family physicians in their levels of well-being, professional development, and professional satisfaction, UBC CPD and the VDoFP have fostered a collaborative partnership for shared learning in the standardized use of continuing professional development/ continuing medical education (CPD/CME) tools and approaches.

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