Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)

All accredited/certified activities must have a scientific planning committee (SPC), appointed by and including member(s) of the accountable physician organization that is representative of the target audience. The SPC must ensure that decision-making related to the following CPD program elements is under its exclusive control:

  1. identification of the educational needs of the intended target audience;
  2. development of learning objectives;
  3. selection of educational methods;
  4. selection and invitation of all persons involved in development, delivery and evaluation of the CPD activity (e.g. speakers, moderators, facilitators, instructors, authors);
  5. development and delivery of content;
  6. evaluation of outcomes.

Representatives of a commercial interest or any organization hired by a commercial interest cannot be members of the SPC and cannot participate in any decisions related to CPD program elements a) through f).

The SPC is also responsible for the management of all financial and in-kind support for the development, delivery and evaluation of the accredited and/or certified CPD activity.

UBC CPD requires a minimum of two physicians to sit on each SPC. If the target audience is interprofessional, the SPC should consists of representatives from each profession where possible. Meeting minutes should be kept from year to year with dates and attendees.

Accountable Physician

The accountable physician is the chair or member of the SPC representing the physician organization, and as such agrees to assume ultimate responsibility for upholding the accreditation/certification standards and for following the UBC CPD Guidelines for Support in preparing and implementing the CPD activity.

See Declarations for this and other required SPC members.

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