*¨¨* HOLIDAY CLOSURE: Please note the Accreditation Office will be
closed Dec 10 2018 - Jan 2 2019

BEFORE applying please note the following to ensure you are eligible to apply:

•    Read the UBC CPD Planning Guide early in the planning process
•    Only physician organizations are eligible to apply for credits. 
•    Planning commitee must consist of at least 2 physicians.
•    Processing time is: 4-6 weeks. Applicants should plan at least 3 months in advance to prepare in time for review.
•    Applications received less than 2 weeks before the event date will not be accepted.
•    Post-event approval is not permitted.
•    Check the accreditation UPDATES.
•    Review the Standards for Approval and the UBC CPD Guidelines for Commercial Support .
•    Applications from pharmaceutical, medical communications, or for-profit companies will not be accepted.
•    For first-time applicants seeking Mainpro+ only, or Mainpro+ applications for non-UBC events, or applicants with no physician organization please apply directly to the BC Chapter of the CFPC



Our online application system, Blitzen, is optimized for Chrome or Firefox. Clicking "Save Progress" at the bottom right of the form will generate a unique URL for you to bookmark where all further changes will auto-save.
Once you click "Submit", you will receive payment instructions (see Fees). You will also have the option to
receive a copy of your submission by clicking "Email Copy to Me".



To apply by email, please submit the following to at UBC CPD:

Important: Do not attempt to complete fillable forms within your internet browser. Click here to view instructions.

Signature pages may be photographed or scanned.


The online and pdf applications require the same information.

1. FEES  Application fees due at time of submission.

NEW FORMS: January 2019 launch of revised application forms!

These are revised to reflect the new National Standard which launched last year. Use ONE of the following which are applicable to either group learning or assessment credits:

Old forms (#2 & 3 below) will be phased out by March 2019:

2. Essential Information Form All applicants must fill out this form. It is the umbrella form for the application package.

3. Application Form(s) cover the ethical, educational and administrative requirements for corresponding credit types:
•    MOC Section 1 Group Learning application for RCPSC specialists
•    MOC Section 3 Assessment: Select Performance (SIM) OR Knowledge (SAP) assessment for RCPSC specialists
•    Mainpro+ Group Learning/Assessment application for CFPC family physicians.

Online Modules: Assessment activities require additional educational strategies to be in place in order to meet accreditation/certification standards. Assessment activities exclude the requirement for group interactivity.

Application attachments:

4. Budget Include your budget disclosing revenue/funding sources (with or without industry sponsorship) and expenses.

5. Program Evaluation *NEW Aug 1 2018* The required evaluation questions has been reduced from five to three: i) identify whether the content was biased, ii) identify whether learning objectives were met, and iii) reflect on application to practice. OPTIONAL: Asking about barriers and balance, depending on the educational design. The required questions are highlighted in the sample. You may also use our Speaker Evaluation template.

6. Detailed program agenda of event including learner-centered objectives for each session, speakers, topics, start and end times, question and answer/discussion periods, breaks, social events.

7. Program brochure/invitation and registration form, email, or links to website and/or registration.

8. Disclosure Forms of all members of the planning committee (scanned or e-signed). It is fine to use the old version of the disclosure form.

9. Speaker Letter Instructions to speakers regarding accreditation/certification standards for which they are responsible in their presentations.

10. Sponsorship Request Letter (if applicable). This is a sample of appropriate benefits which may be offered to sponsors. You likely have your own prospectus which is fine as long as it doesn't contravene with the UBC CPD sponsorship guidelines for accreditation.

11. Certificate containing all required information and physician organization logo (and co-developer if applicable).

*NEW* As of Jan 1 2019
12. Needs Assessment The tools used to deveop the needs assessment are required to be submitted with applications. This requirement is to show how the needs assessment was used to identify the needs for the CPD activity.

13. Sponsorship Agreement (sample) Submit a sample sponsorship agreement signed between the physician organization and sponsors. (Reminder: all agreements must now be countersigned by the physician organization.)


If applying by email, submit your completed PDF application package via email to:
JoAnna Cassie, UBC CPD Accreditation Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine
T: 604 875 4111 x24616

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