New disclosure form 2020

The new UBC CPD disclosure form 2020 has been revised to be National Standard-compliant, concurrent with the disclosure forms of the Royal College and the CFPC.

The purpose of disclosure is to inform the audience (and colleagues) of any potential conflicts of interest (COI). All members of the scientific planning committee (SPC), speakers, moderators, facilitators, and authors (ie. research poster) must provide a completed disclosure form describing all relationships with for‐profit and not‐for‐profit organizations over the previous two (2) years. Minimum 2 physicians are required to form an SPC.


  1. SPC disclosures are submitted to UBC CPD for review:
    Link to SPC disclosure form: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d6WjDBVZfnm8lwx
  2. All other disclosures (speakers, moderators, facilitators, and authors) are submitted to the SPC for review.
    For review instructions see the UBC CPD Guidelines for Support Element 3: Conflict of Interest, also available on the pdf version of the disclosure form.
    Fillable PDF version: Disclosure form 2020

(Do not attempt to complete fillable forms within your internet browser. Click here to view instructions)


    Disclosure Summary

    All disclosures must be made available to participants in program materials.

    Summary of Disclosure Statements (template)


    Disclosure Slides

    Disclosure Slides (pdf view)

    Speakers are required to disclose both written and verbal formats (slides)


    If you are unsure what to disclose, try out our award-winning UBC CPD Relationship with Industry Module and receive credits at the same time.




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