Conflct of Interest Management | Conflct of Interest Policy

Disclosure forms completed by the planning committee and submitted to UBC CPD for review.

Disclosures completed by the presenters are submitted to the planning committee who reviews them for potential Conflicts of Interest and if necessary and ensures appropriate conflict of interest management

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Conflict of Interest Management by Planning Committee

  The planning committee reviews the disclosures completed by the presenters and ensures appropriate conflict of interest management in any of the following ways:
•    In many cases, ensuring that the conflict is fully disclosed to program participants, with description of management, will be adequate
•    The presenter is asked to present on a different subject
•    The presenter alters their financial relationship
•    The presenter relinquishes control of content of the presentation
•    Independent expert content review is obtained
•    On rare occasions, a speaker or planning committee member may need to be replaced


UBC CPD Conflict of Interest Policy

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