Self-Learning Credits

CPD Credit Frameworks

Each College (Royal College and CFPC) has a framework of all the CPD credits available to Canadian physicians. Most CPD credits in the frameworks are self-learning credits. "Accredited" and "Certified" refers to program credits which are obtained through an application to a CPD provider, such as UBC CPD. Everything else can be self-claimed:

For specialists: Royal College framework all MOC credits

For family physicians: CFPC framework all Mainpro+ credits


Specific self-learning credits

The Personal Learning Project (PLP) and Linking Learning to Practice (LLP) credits consist of a specific type of self-learning exercise designed around a research question and a semi-structured exercise, which can be completed within the Colleges' LMS portals. For step-by-step instructions on how to claim this type of self-learning credits click the following links:

For specialists: MOC Section 2 Personal Learning Project (PLP)

For family physicians: Mainpro+ Linking Learning to Practice (LLP)


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