Speaker Letter

Informing Faculty of Standards

The Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) is accountable for all content delivered and must ensure that all persons involved with developing and delivering CPD content are informed of the accreditation/certification standards. This can be achieved with a Speaker Letter that includes the instructions to faculty as they are developing content.

Ensure that those responsible for developing or delivering content are informed about the following:

  • identified needs of the target audience
  • learning objectives are based on identified needs
  • content/materials provide a balanced view across all relevant options related to the content area, avoiding bias
  • description of therapeutic options must utilize generic names and not reflect exclusivity and branding
  • disclosure all relationships with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations is required
  • references to evidence used to create content must be included in presentations
  • time allotment must be adhered to, including include time for interactivity such as Q & A
  • content and materials must meet professional standards and legal requirements, including the protection of privacy, confidentiality and copyright

The above may be added to existing communications with speakers, moderators, facilitators, instructors, and authors.


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