Speaker Letter

Informing Faculty of Standards

The Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) is accountable for all content delivered and must ensure that all persons involved with developing and delivering CPD content (e.g. speakers, moderators, facilitators, instructors, authors) are informed of the accreditation/certification standards. This can be achieved with a Speaker Letter that includes the instructions to faculty as they are developing content.

Your speakers may already be aware of some or all of the standards already. Add the following as appropriate to your existing speaker communications:

  • Identified needs of the target audience are considered when developing content and learner objectives
  • Learner-centered objectives should be developed in consultation with the SPC
  • Content and presentation must be relevant to the learning objectives, reflect current evidence, and be balanced across applicable diagnostic and/or therapeutic options
  • Description of diagnostic and therapeutic options must utilize generic names and not reflect exclusivity or branding
  • References to unapproved therapies or devices (off-label use) should be explicitly declared
  • Every effort must be made to avoid bias, whether commercial or other
  • Content and materials must meet professional standards and legal requirements, including the protection of privacy, confidentiality and copyright
  • Disclosure to SPC and to participants is required regarding financial relationships and management of potential sources of bias (disclosure and COI management slides)
  • Presentation time allotment must be adhered to (in order to achieve 25% interactivity overall)
  • Presentations should be submitted in time for review by the SPC
  • References to evidence used to create content must be included in presentations

See sample Speaker Letter informing speakers of the accreditation and certification standards.



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