6th Annual BC Pediatric Diabetes Day

6th Annual BC Pediatric Diabetes Day

Target Audience:

Pediatricians, specialists caring for children and youth with diabetes, diabetes educators, social workers, pharmacists, and dietitians    

Course Format: One-day virtual conference
  • Feb 5, 2021
Broadcast starts at 9 AM Pacific

Online from Vancouver BC


We're going virtual for the 6th Annual BC Pediatric Diabetes Day. 

•    Watch the lectures and have everything in one place (access to the slides, handouts, bios etc) 
•    Virtually move from session to session like you would do in person 
•    Virtually network with colleagues via text or video messaging
•    Connect with the speakers after their lecture is over
•    Access group video chat rooms where up to 5 people can connect at once
•    Visit the virtual exhibit hall to interact with organizations that are typically present during the in-person conference 
•    Registration includes access to the live virtual event, all available materials, and access to the post-event recording


0900 Opening Remarks Dr. Shazhan Amed

​DIY and Hybrid Closed Loops - tips for anxious providers
    Learning objectives:
    1. Describe the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of different automated insulin delivery systems
    2. Self reflect on how best to balance professional duties and responsibilities with respect for and enhancement          of patient autonomy
    3. Consider the potential outcomes of prohibitive through permissive attitudes
    4. Better help people with diabetes consider risks and benefits of different approache

    Dr. Peter Senior

    Diabetes Burnout and the Impact of COVID19 on Families
    Learning objectives:
        1. To become familiar with a framework to understand the sources of diabetes distress that promotes burnout
        2. To recognize how the current pandemic exacerbates the burden of diabetes
        3. To become familiar with strategies that can mitigate the stress burden of COVID-19
        4. To become familiar with minimal interventions to promote diabetes management outcomes in our 
            current  times

    Dr. Michael Vallis 
    1015 Transition to Concurrents   
    1025 Concurrent Sessions   

    A1) Treatment of hyperlipidemia in youth with T1D
    Learning objectives:
        1. To recognize the features of dyslipidemia associated with type 1 diabetes in youth.
        2. To provide focused lifestyle management.
        3. To recognize who needs lipid-lowering drug therapy.

    Dr. Brian McCrindle
      B1) Diabetes Education and Re-Education across the Patient Journey – A Virtual Experience
        Learning objectives: 
         1.To provide an overview of the BC Children’s Hospital Diabetes Transformation Project (DTP)
         2.To collaborate with provincial partners to ensure the DTP virtual education platform will meet their clinical needs
         3.To share updates to current diabetes resources
    Ms. Hannah Breadon
    Ms. Sharleen Herrmann
    Ms. Madeleine Leung
      C1) The Year in Diabetes – 5 key papers from 2020 
         Learning Objectives
         1. To discuss the results and practical implications of the latest clinical studies on pediatric  diabetes

    Dr. Noor Gazzaz 
    Dr. Carolina Silva

      D1) Leveraging technology to address the psychosocial vacuum in diabetes care Ms. Sadhbh Cunningham
    Dr. Shazhan Amed 
    1055  Stretch Break. Network with Exhibitors  
    1110 Concurrent Sessions A - D  Repeat  
    1140 Lunch Break. Network with Exhibitors  

    Virtual diabetes care during the pandemic and beyond: the patient and family perspective
    Learning objectives: 
        1. To provide background information on changes in routine diabetes care that occurred at the BC
            Children’s Hospital Diabetes Clinic with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic
        2. To review the concept of usability, and to learn about patient and family perspectives on the usability of  
            virtual andphone visit for pediatric diabetes clinic visits
        3. To learn about patient and family perspectives on receiving virtual and telephone diabetes care, both
            during and following the pandemic

    Dr. Brenden Hursh

    Updates on Diabetes Technology
        Learning objectives:
        1. To recognize the emerging landscape of advanced diabetes technologies
        2. To understand continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) glucometrics and the use of CGM devices across the              pediatric and young adult age groups 
        3. To review the development and use of automated insulin delivery systems

    Dr. Lori Laffel 
    1420 Diabetes Transformation in BC – Project Updates Dr. Shazhan Amed 
    1450  Closing Remarks Dr. Shazhan Amed 
    1500 Conference Ends  

    *Titles subject to change

    Post-event Meetings (registration required) 
    Time: 1505 - 1600 

    Transition Special Interest Working Group Meeting

    Dr Shazhan Amed 
    Dr. Joseph Leung 

     Nursing Support Services Consultation: Brainstorming new ways to meet the educational needs of coordinators, school staff and families (*NSS ONLY)

    Dr. Brenden Hursh 
    Ms. Madeleine Leung 



    Key Speakers

    Shazhan Amed MD, FRCPC, MSc., PH
    Head, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor, UBC; President, Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group; Founder & Lead, Live 5-2-1-0.

    Hannah Breadon, RN, BSN, CDE
    Endocrinology & Diabetes Unit, BC Children’s Hospital.


    Sabadh Cunningham, MSW, RSW
    Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital.

    Noor Gazzaz, MD, FRCPC
    Clinical Fellow, Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, BC Children’s Hospital.



    Sharleen Herrmann, RN, BSN, CDE
    Diabetes Nurse, Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, BC Children’s Hospital.

    Brenden Hursh, BSc, MD, FRCPC, MHSc.
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

    Lori Laffel, MD, MDH
    Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; Chief, Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Section; Section Head, Clinical, Behavioral and Outcomes Research Senior Investigator, Joslin Diabetes Center.

    Madeleine Leung, BSc, MPH
    Senior Project Manager, Transformation Leadership Office – Diabetes Transformation Project, Provincial Health Services Authority.

    Brian McCrindle, MD, MPH
    Professor, Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto; Staff Cardiologist & Section Head of Preventive Cardiology, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.


    Peter Senior, BMedSci (Hons), MBBS (Hons), Ph.D., FRCP, FRCP(E)
    Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Alberta; Medical Director, Clinical Islet Transplant Program, Alberta Health Services; Co-director, Northern Alberta Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention Program.

    Carolina Silva, MD. 
    Clinical Fellow, Diabetes and Endocrine Unit, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital.

    Michael Vallis, PhD., R. Psych. Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University.


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      By Jan 4 Jan 5-Feb 1 After Feb 1 
    Delegates $99 $125 $140
    Residents & Students $50 $60 $70

    Fees include: access to the live virtual event, all available materials, and access to the post-event recordings 
    All fes are subject to 5% GST. 


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