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Educational Research Grants for Residents

Applications for the Educational Research Grants for Residents are now open. Apply by Dec. 17, 2023.

UBC CPD offers two annual research grants in the area of medical education. All UBC family medicine and specialty medicine residents are invited to apply. Applicant(s) must be enrolled in a UBC Faculty of Medicine residency program and have an identified research supervisor. UBC residents conducting and presenting research as part of graduation requirements are eligible and invited to apply Grant recipients receive an honorarium of $500.00 to support educational research projects.

In the case of joint authorship, the award will be given to support the research project as a whole. The honorarium will be sent to one identified collaborator (“lead applicant”) on the team who will ensure the funding is used to support the research project.

Submissions are limited to one per candidate or team per year and the grant can only be given to an individual or research team once.

Applications (up to 2 pages, single spaced) must include:

  1. Name and email: applicant, supervisor and research team members
  2. Address
  3. Title of the research project
  4. Research question(s)/hypothesis
  5. Objective(s)
  6. Methods
  7. Budget summary (Including a table with item, description, and estimated costs. Appropriate budget items: subject honorarium/participant incentives, mailing costs, online survey charges, statistical consultancy, publication page charges, etc. Funding is not provided for researcher time, equipment purchases or rentals, or indirect costs such as training and/or travel to prepare the research team or conduct the research.)
  8. References (optional)

Submit the application electronically to @email
Due: December 17, 2023

Applications will be reviewed by the CPD/CME Grant Committee and the names of successful candidates will be forwarded to the Postgrad Deans and Program Directors. Only applicants who are successful will be contacted.

Grant Requirements and Criteria
  • Project is in the field of Medical Education (e.g. needs assessment around life-long learning, educational effectiveness, physician performance improvement following education intervention, etc.).
  • The research project must be completed during the residency training program.
  • Submissions must contain a complete project description including the research question(s), intended research objectives, and proposed use of funds (see full description below).
  • Applicants are enrolled in a UBC Faculty of Medicine residency program and have an identified research supervisor.
  • Submissions are limited to one per candidate or research team per year, and this award can only be given to an individual or research team once.
Grant criteria:
  • Overall writing quality.
  • Appropriateness of the objectives, research questions, and research area.
  • Methodological rigor.
  • Suitability for publication.
  • Relevance to continuing medical education for family medicine and medical specialties.