ICBC Education Project

ICBC and UBC CPD are partnering to develop education for family physicians (FPs) and other health care professionals (physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical office assistants) to introduce changes to how ICBC works with physicians and patients in British Columbia, including moving from a compensation-based model to a care-based model.

The ICBC Education Project offers webinars, an online module, and in-person workshops in 2019 for family physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, medical office assistants, and other health care providers who support patients after a crash. 

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  • August 14 - Recruting focus group participants! Please complete a short survey (~3 min) to help screen interested applicants. Family Physicians click here. Medical Office Assistants click here. 
  • May 24 - In response to questions from webinar participants, ICBC has updated the definition of when to use the new Standard Report.
    • The Standard Report should be used for injured people that are not off work, training or studying activities, or where a return to work, training or studying is imminent and a graduated return to activity plan is not required
    • The Extended Report should be completed if the patient is unable to fully complete work, training or studying activities, and/or is significantly impacted in performing their typical activities of daily living.
    • note: previous wording indicating standard report use for up to 7 days is an oversimplification and difficult to apply in practice; please use above definition going forward

Access Education

How to claim self-learning credits (for family physicians Mainpro+ Certified Self Learning; for specialists MOC Section 2)



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