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October 2023 News

This month we encourage you to take part in Occupational Therapy Month and World Hospice and Palliative Care Day with learning that focuses on these topics. In addition to some popular annual events, October also launches several new learning activities related to adult mental health, ophthalmic emergencies, virtual geriatric exams, and rounds dedicated to rural settings, including a new option for dedicated support with office hours.  

UBC CPD is happy to welcome new students for the fall semester and have career opportunities for roles on our conferences, marketing and administrative teams.  

Check out the latest initiatives and read about how you might implement Prescribing Portraits in the latest TCMP article. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s CHES Celebration of Scholarship and at learning activities throughout the month. 



New Pilot sessions to incorporate practice data alongside adult mental health education     

The Health Data Coalition (HDC), Practice Support Program (PSP), and UBC CPD have partnered with select Divisions of Family Practice throughout British Columbia to host small group learning pilot programs that combine embedded practice measures with education pertaining to topics on adult mental health. 

Two new pilot sessions have been announced for the Cowichan Valley in October and Victoria in November. Stay tuned for a session planned in Surrey late this fall. Learn more about this pilot project.  

First-time conference builds skills for ophthalmic emergencies  

On Nov. 17, registrants of the new Ophthalmology for Emergency Physicians — A Seminar and Skills Course will participate in workshops and lectures to hone skills in diagnosis and management of ocular and visual presentations in the acute setting.  

Developed in partnership with the UBC Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, this highly anticipated program has limited capacity. Interested physicians, specialists, residents and fellows are encouraged to sign-up early to secure a spot.  

Latest Virtual Health Grand Rounds tackles skills for virtual geriatric exams  

Now open to rural and urban health professionals, Virtual Health Grand Rounds on Nov. 22 addresses the challenge of virtual geriatric exams in our first session of the season.  

A quarterly provincial rounds series for health-care professionals, health administrators and IT colleagues to explore technology-enabled health-care delivery, the rounds spark discussion about the risks, benefits, and considerations for adopting technology to support patient-centered care. Learn more about this free series if you want to enable and improve technology in your practice

Recognize World Hospice and Palliative Care Day with learning  

Oct. 14 is a unified day of action to celebrate and support hospice and palliative care around the world. On this day, register for the UBC Division of Palliative Care CME Day 2023 and focus on palliative care of the mind and alleviation of psychological suffering using cutting-edge therapy and treatments.  Learn more about the Nov. 17 virtual conference.  

New initiative: Pediatric DERMES Office Hours with Dr. Wingfield Rehmus    

Available to rural health professionals every Friday from Oct. 13, 20 and 27, join an hour-long session with Dr. Wingfield Rehmus to discuss pediatric dermatology. You are invited to bring real patient cases for discussion with Dr. Rehmus and your colleagues. Learn more and register to drop in.  

Rural Rounds announces 2023 sessions      

Two new 1-hour online sessions have been announced before the end of the year. Check out the latest learning options for rural health professionals: 

CPD Updates

New career opportunities at UBC CPD   

We’re seeking three new team members to join our Conference Services, Marketing and Administrative portfolios.  

We have openings for an Administrative Manager, a Digital Marketing Specialist and Writer, and an Administrative Support position. If you’re financially savvy, a marketing content expert, or customer-service-oriented, one of these roles could be a fit for you. Postings close on Oct. 7 and 10.

Read more about the positions apply.   

UBC CPD showcases work at Celebration of Scholarship 

Several members of the UBC CPD team will be showcasing CPD programs at the 2023 CHES Celebration of Scholarship on Oct. 3. An opportunity for the CHES community to share accomplishments of the health professions education scholarship network, we look forward to seeing fellow participants. 

New semester brings new students to UBC CPD 

Welcome to Joshua Serpas, a Co-op Student on the Strategic Projects and Partnerships team, and Taylor Liu, Design Intern on the Creative Learning team.  

Meet the team


This Changed My Practice

Implementing Prescribing Portraits — Therapeutics Initiative  

Primary care clinicians face an overwhelming volume of information to process and tasks to complete. There are new and sometimes conflicting guidelines and practice standards, forms to fill out, emails about meetings, and an inbox full of labs, documents to review, and messages to respond to. Learn how Portraits can help cut through the noise, allowing you to focus on listed recommendations and whether your pattern of practice is close to where it should be according to the evidence, and if not, why not. 

Read the TCMP article by Dr. Jill Norris and Dr. Jessica Otte and earn credits.   

Can’t miss learning activities

Oct. 3 | A Team-Based Approach to Postpartum and Newborn Care 

This free accredited webinar shares practical strategies to support postpartum patients and their newborns. 


Oct. 14 | Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians  

This highly interactive course tackles common and new drug therapy issues from an evidence-based perspective. The scope of information is broad, practical, and often controversial, thus appealing to physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, students/residents, and policy makers. 


Oct. 19 | FPON Webinar: Prostate Cancer Screening and Early Prostate Cancer Management 

Join us for the next talk in the Family Practice Oncology Network (FPON) Webinar Series on prostate cancer screening and early prostate cancer management with Dr. Marie-Pier St.-Laurent. 


Oct. 21 | Remission is Possible for Type 2 Diabetes: Navigating the Complexities of a Food-First Approach 

The Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition (IPTN) is hosting its fourth virtual conference this fall focusing on navigating the complexities of type 2 diabetes remission using nutritional and lifestyle therapy. 


Oct. 26 | 28th Obstetrics Update for Family Physicians

This highly anticipated conference is tailored to meet the needs of busy health professionals, regardless of your work setting. Enhance your knowledge and skills in obstetrics, even if you don't regularly attend births. Sign up for this in-person event and enjoy the networking reception in a new venue this year.  


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We offer a variety of accredited learning activities to serve the needs of rural and urban physicians across British Columbia and beyond. Specialist topics and learning designed for resident doctors, physical therapists, midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners serve our communities with continuing professional development.

Find eLearning, webinars, conferences and more available on the learning activities page.

Did you know? October is Occupational Therapy Month. Raise awareness and connect with colleagues at the 4th Annual WorkSafeBC-NAOEM Joint Conference for Primary Care and Occupational Medicine Practitioners on Oct. 28.

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