2020-04-21 Managing COVID Emotions: Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

With Drs. Rahul Gupta, Lee-Anne Laverty, Anne McNamara, Tandi Wilkinson, and Dana Hubler

Please note: this webinar is intended only for health care professionals.




Video: How an Eagle Tackles a Storm 

  • Tools of Transformation (Modified from Baron Baptiste: The Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga)
    • Be a yes: As a creation not as a concept. Put your attention on what you want to have happen and be for it.
    • Give up what you must: Bring into focus and let go of perceptions and positions that thwart and constrain you.
    • Right now is all you've got: Move, breathe and have your being from, "right now is all you've got". Make the higher call at each step.
  • Poem: We are all of it by Dr. Maria Pelova, Yellowknife

I'm weak and I'm strong
And I'm wholesome
I'm quick and I'm slow
And I'm able
I'm tired, I'm wired
And I'm awake
I'm blind, I'm insightful
And I'm aware
I'm guarded and I'm vulnerable
but you made me feel safe to share
to cry, to laugh, to feel alive
and to be grateful that you're here
My thoughts and emotions are so messy
but you told me I'm still valued
and my heart is now overwhelmed
with love from our common humanity

Dr. Maria Pelova, Yellowknife

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