March 2021 - Mainpro+ Assessment credits

An update is on the way.

March 2021 - Virtual Sponsorship

Virtual sponsors require monitoring and management so that the separation from the education remains; see the the beginnings of guidelines being developed by the Colleges: ubccpd.ca/accreditation/ethical-standards


Sept 2020 - Revised Ethical Standards/ Sponsorship Guidelines

The revised UBC CPD Guidelines for Support are based on the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities released jointly by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in January 2018.
Note that these are also the ethical standards for ALL programs, as the first three elements apply regardless of whether or not a program has commercial sponsorship. The requirements for physician organization, scientific planning committee (SPC), control of content, financial accountability, and COI disclosures are covered in:

    Element 1: Independence (from undue influences)
    Element 2: Content Development
    Element 3: Conflict of Interest

April 2020 - Migrate from F2F programs to online - four options

If you already have group learning credits for your program:

1. Group Learning (synchronous) credits. Same interactivity as live events, whereby participants can interact in real time as if they were in the room (asking questions, hearing responses and other’s questions, etc.) eg. webinar. No change to existing group learning credits, except possible decrease in amount of credit time.
2. Group Learning (asynchronous) credits. Participants need opportunity to interact with instructors, each other, and materials, but not necessarily in real time. Program would need to have some interactive opportunity for learners eg. monitored discussion board that closes after limited time. (Note: for Mainpro+ credits the discussion board needs to be summarized at the end).
3. Assessment credits (eg. online modules). Participants need to be able to interact with the material and instructor and course needs to assess learner’s knowledge, via post test or quizzes. (No group interactivity required.) Program would need to meet the additional criteria of having a knowledge test for the users that includes:

  • Correct and incorrect answers, plus explanations of why they are correct/incorrect
  • A scored assessment
  • Suggested further resources for more information

 Requires an MOC Section 3 Assessment and/or Mainpro+ Assessment application.

4. Self-learning credits (informal learning). This is when the material stays online without assessment or group learning. This is called “archived material” and cannot be formally accredited. Users can claim self-learning anytime but no certificate is issued. They login to their College’s learning management system and follow the instructions in the learning portal there.  See self-learning credits available for specialists and family physicians: ubccpd.ca/accreditation/self-learning

March 20 - Accreditatiton during COVID-19

The UBC CPD Accreditation Office is open and operational! Working remotely, our team continues to offer full accreditation services, helping to postpone or transfer CPD credits from live to online, and extending accreditation periods through the Colleges so that credits are not lost before they can be used.

We are available to answer your questions by email and meet with you virtually via Skype and other communication tools.

Note these updates form the Colleges regarding CPD requirements for 2020:

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC):

  • The 2019-2020 annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of 25 certified and/or non-certified credits have been waived.
  • All current Mainpro+ cycles have been extended by one (1) year to allow you more time to acquire 250 credits.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC):

  • MOC Program requirements of 40 credit minimum have been waived for 2020, and everyone will now be on a six-year cycle.

January 15 - Application packages

Note 9 out of 10 of applications submitted contain all the required information and as a result are processed quickly. Use the checklist to view requirements for a complete application.

January 1 - Revisions

New UBC CPD Disclosure of Conflict of Interest form and revised UBC CPD Guidelines for Support 2020 are released. See what's changed using the left hand menu.


November 1 - Revised application fees

August 14 - Infographic added

A helpful accreditation infographic has been added: ubccpd.ca/accreditation/infographic

January 3 - NEW FORMS: Launch of revised application forms!

The new application forms, available since the June 2018 soft launch (see details in Aug update 'Changes coming..' below) have been officially released. The forms reflect the new National Standard which launched in January 2018, resulting in changes to the Royal College and the CFPC requirements.The new CPD Planning Guide was created to provide guidance for what is required on the new applications. The online application will also be revised accordingly very soon. Old pdf application forms will be phased out by March 2019. New forms: ubccpd.ca/accreditation/application#Checklist


Aug 1 - Launch of new UBC CPD Planning Guide!

Now available: : ubccpd.ca/accreditation/planning-guide

Aug 1 - Changes coming to the application forms

Both the Royal College and the CFPC have made changes to their applications to reflect the new National Standard, which was released on Jan 1 2018. In anticipation of these changes, UBC CPD started requesting the sponsorship prospectus and speaker letter last year, so that won't be a surprise. The other main changes you will see coming are: 1) submitting a sample of your sponsorship agreements (signed by both parties) and 2) providing more details of your needs assessments (such as needs assessment results, eg. previous evals). The online application will also be revised accordingly.

Update June 2018: Try out the new applcation form on the application page. This is a soft lauch and the new forms won't be a requirement until later in 2018.

Aug 1 - Required evaluation questions reduced to 3

The required evaluation questions have been reduced from five to three: i) identify whether the content was biased, ii) identify whether learning objectives were met, and iii) reflect on application to practice. OPTIONAL: Asking about barriers and balance, depending on the educational design. Read more here: https://ubccpd.ca/accreditation/evaluation

June 8 - CFPC Session ID#s are here!

All Mainpro+ approved applications will now receive a CFPC SessionID with their approval. This is to be added to the certification statement received upon approval so that physicians can more easily locate the programs they attended and claim credit.

April 20 - UBC CPD has moved to City Square

New address:  https://ubccpd.ca/news/moving-Apr-2018

Jan 1, 2018 - Official release: National Standard for Support of Accredited/Certified CPD Activities

The new standard for managing commercially supported CPD activities has been co-developed by the combined Royal College and CFPC. Fortunately, the current UBC CPD Guidelines for Support of Accredited/Certified CPD Activities (2016) already reflect these changes, so if you have been following our guidelines you are already familiar with how sponsorship of your accredited/certified CPD activity is managed.


Nov 1 - New application fees in effect.

Please see the revised Fees page.

Jan 1 - The registration fee waiver criteria have changed

This will affect established professional meetings which historically charged no registration be but have commercial sponsorship ie.long standing meetings (ie. 32nd annual…) with commercial support present and no registration fee, a situation which is no longer permitted. Registration fees are required when an event is commercially sponsored.

Jan 1 - Submit sponsorship request letter and speaker letter with applications

Sponsorship request letters (including sponsor benefits) and speaker instruction letters are required to be submitted with applications. If your events has no commercial sponsorship then only the speaker letters are required.


Nov 1 - Paper,  handwritten or faxed applications will no longer be accepted

We are going paperless, and penless. There are two ways to submit your applications now, but neither is paper/pen-based: Application

June 27 - Mainpro+ Changes in effect

View the new Mainpro+ application form and find out exactly what's changed: **MAINPRO+ **

June 1 - "To be advised" wording no longer permitted during review

Providers may not make any reference to the RCPSC, MOC Section 1, MOC Section 3, CFPC, or Mainpro+ before their program has received approval. Until an application has been approved, it is not permissible to indicate in your marketing and communications that credits have been granted, applied for, or pending. The statement "to be advised" is no longer permitted.

May 15 - New UBC CPD Commercial Support Guidelines released

The guiding principles pertaining to the commercial support of all UBC CPD Activities have been revised: Sponsorship

March 15 - Online application system upgraded - welcome Blitzen

Decision.io, our application review system, has teamed up with Blitzen to upgrade our form so it's easier to use - no login required! Your application will now have a unique identifier in the link which, once saved, allows you to return to your application later. You will additionally receive an email from Blitzen with this link and a copy of the application you save/submit (be sure to check this option).

Jan 14 - UBC CPD office move

Please be advised that on January 14th, 2016, UBC CPD moved offices. Our new address is:
Division of Continuing Professional Development
UBC Faculty of Medicine
Vancouver General Hospital
JPPN 3300 910 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada V5Z 1M9
(Phone numbers will remain the same)


Aug 1 - UBC CPD Online Application System Opens

Check out our new online application system! The new system facilitates application submission and review by supporting tracking functions which allows for saving in-progress applications, year to year application archiving, and accessibility from multiple locations.

July 1 - New UBC CPD Application Review Fees in Effect

View the new UBC CPD Accreditation Review Fees 

April 15 - Mainpro+ Launch Delayed

There has been a delay in Mainpro+ launch due to the complexities of development of the online credit reporting platform.  It is expected to launch in June 2016 and until then everything is status quo.
Expected changes: Watch the CFPC's Mainpro+ video

Oct 15 - UBC CPD's Relationship with Industry Module Now Available

UBC CPD has developed a "Relationship with Industry Module" to help you discern what is relevant to include in your disclosure. Plus you get credit for completing the module! Value is 0.5 MOC Section 3 and 0.5 Mainpro+ credits
Try it out: tinyurl.com/CPD-RelationshipWithIndustry

Feb 1 - Disclosures of planning committee required to be submitted with applications

Signed disclosure forms of the planning committee must now be sent to UBC CPD along with your application. Speaker disclosure forms must still be collected, reviewed by your planning committee, and the information therein disclosed to your participants, but need not be submitted with your application.

Jan 1 - Mainpro-only applications please apply through the CPFC

UBC CPD only accepts new Mainpro applications in conjunction with MOC Section 1.  For Mainpro-only credits please visit the College of Family Physicians of Canada and apply via their CERT+ application portal.

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