Coaching and Mentoring Programs

CAMP banner

Since 2014, UBC RCPD has offered a number of programs that establish and enhance supportive relationships for rural physicians. These programs are now housed under the CAMP (Coaching and Mentoring Programs) banner.

The tent-poles of CAMP are our Rural Physician Mentoring Program, which pairs physicians who are new to rural practice with experienced physician mentors, and our Clinical Coaching for Excellence Program, which pair rural physicians and nurses with peer or specialist coaches who support them as they work to improve specific areas of their clinical practice.

We’re committed to meeting the unique needs of rural physicians and communities, and are excited for the opportunity to connect colleagues and bolster them as they work towards their personal and practice improvement goals.

Take a look at our existing programming, and let us know if you’re interested in participating. If you don’t see something in our current offerings that sound right to you, please still get in touch! We want to discuss ways in which we can modify or create a program that suits your or your community’s needs.

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