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Program Overview

Coaching and Mentoring Program or CAMP recognizes that supportive relationships formed in rural CPD programs almost always fall somewhere on a spectrum between mentoring and coaching. CAMP offers physicians two programs, The Clinical Coaching for Excellence and The Rural Physician Mentoring Program.

What is Clinical Coaching for Excellence?

  • Clinical coaching is considered a training or development process by which the coachee is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal. Through the coach/coachee relationship, the aim will be to improve the participating physician coachee’s confidence and skills, leading to better professional performance and patient outcomes.
  • For more information about the Clinical Coaching program, visit the coaching page:

What is Rural Physician Mentoring Program?

  • Mentoring is defined as a purposeful and personal relationship in which a mentor provides guidance, feedback and wisdom to facilitate the growth, confidence and development of the mentee.  
  • The Rural Physician Mentoring Program is a formal, structured physician mentoring program designed to specifically address the needs of physicians who are new to rural practice in British Columbia.
  • For more information about the Rural Physician Mentoring program, visit the mentoring page:

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