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Program Overview

The Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) supports rural physicians who are seeking to enhance their clinical practice and education through Clinical Coaching for Excellence and The Rural Physician Mentoring Program.

What is Clinical Coaching for Excellence?

  • Clinical coaching is considered a training or development process by which a coachee is supported as they work to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. Through participating in clinical coaching, a physician coachee strives to increase confidence and improve skills, leading to better professional performance and patient outcomes.
  • For more information about the Clinical Coaching program, visit the coaching page:

What is Rural Physician Mentoring Program?

  • Mentoring is defined as a purposeful and personal relationship in which a mentor provides guidance, feedback and wisdom to facilitate the growth, confidence and development of the mentee.  
  • The Rural Physician Mentoring Program is a formal, structured physician mentoring program designed to specifically address the needs of physicians who are new to rural practice in British Columbia.
  • For more information about the Rural Physician Mentoring program, visit the mentoring page:

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