Breast Cancer Screening Update: What's New in BC? (Online Module)

Breast Cancer Screening Update: What's New in BC? (Online Module)

Cancer Care Outreach Program on Education

Target Audience:

 Family physicians working in British Columbia who have patients in the Screening Mammography Program (SMP) or may refer patients in the future.

Course Format: 45-minute interactive online module
Online: anytime, anywhere on any device

Online Module from Vancouver BC


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Breast Cancer Screening Update: What's New in BC?

The new BC Cancer Agency’s BC Breast Cancer Screening Policy came into effect in February 2014. The new policy resulted from a larger Provincial Breast Health Strategy review that took into account the 2011 recommendations by the National Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care (CTFPHC) on breast cancer screening for women at average risk of developing breast cancer, aged between 40 to 75+ years. The updated policy has an increased emphasis on informed decision making and encourages patients to have discussions with primary care providers.

With endorsements from the Screening Mammography Program of BC and content contributions from the Centre for Excellence in Cancer Prevention, this 45-minute online module outlines the new screening guidelines for breast cancer in BC.

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Skills Gained

  • Interpret and use the current guidelines for breast cancer screening
  • Identify the modifiable risk factors that increase and decrease the risk of breast cancer
  • Identify hereditary risk factors that increase the risk of breast cancer
  • Effectively discuss the rationale for the new breast cancer screening guidelines in BC with patients
  • Recognize and discuss some of the controversies surrounding breast cancer screening in BC with patients



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Target Audience:

Radiologists, radiologist screeners, technologists, breast health specialists

Date: Apr 7, 2018
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8181 Cambie Road
Richmond  British Columbia  V6X 3X9


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