Midwifery Emergency Skills Program (MESP)

Midwifery Emergency Skills Program (MESP)


Target Audience:

Registered midwives working in British Columbia

Course Format: 9 interactive online modules (4-6 hours)
Online: anytime, anywhere on any device

Online Module from Vancouver BC


Midwifery Emergency Skills Program (MESP)

MESP is a risk management program for midwifery care that is accessible & flexible, and focuses on homebirth, communication & teamwork. It is designed by and for Canadian midwives to build upon previously developed skills in midwifery management in obstetrical emergencies. Other health professionals may also participate in MESP. MESP is comprised of asynchronous online learning modules and community-based workshops, making it a program responsive to the needs of both urban and rural midwives. Each module will provide learning objectives, evidence based practice recommendations and knowledge transfer assessment tools (exams). The time investment per module varies between 15-45 minutes. Modules include a variety of critical learning components, including undiagnosed twins or breech birth, shoulder dystocia, antepartum and postpartum haemorrhage, anaphylaxis and cord presentation and prolapse.

For more information on the MESP course and to register for upcoming workshops, please visit https://www.bcmidwives.com/cgi/page.cgi/mesp_course_listings.html

How to access the eLearning course

If you have registered for MESP with MABC or you are a UBC midwifery undergraduate student, you should have received an enrolment key from MABC or your course instructor (respectively); in which case, please skip to step 2.

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