Rural CPD Program


At UBC Rural Continuing Professional Development (Rural CPD), we know that responsive, flexible, and practical community-based learning opportunities support you to thrive as a rural health practitioner in British Columbia. Our multi-modal and diverse offerings provide you with opportunities to learn and improve your practice. We stay connected to the latest rural trends through timely research activities like the Rural Continuous Quality Improvement Needs Assessment (2017) and the Rural Emergency Medicine Needs Assessment (2014), from which we evolve our new and existing programming. We cultivate strong relationships with our partners, project stakeholders, and rural health care practitioners to ensure we are meeting your needs. Through our shared commitment to improve the health of people living in rural BC, we collaborate closely with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC to deliver impactful educational opportunities.

Our Partners 

The Rural CPD Program is operated by the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Division of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in partnership with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC. Funding for the program is provided by the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues, a joint committee of the Doctors of BC and BC Ministry of Health


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