But I don’t do maternity care! Workshops for Family Physicians Who Don’t Do Deliveries

What are the Workshops for Family Physicians Who Don’t Do Deliveries?

Most family physicians do not provide full spectrum maternity care. However, nearly all see pregnant women, if only for a few visits, and as a result provide some degree of prenatal and postpartum care. During these workshops, experienced primary maternity care physicians will connect with their family physician colleagues through:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Exchanging information on best practices specific to primary maternity care, with a focus on practical resources
  2. Maternity Care Network Development: Building a network among family physicians to share expertise and services in maternity care. This will contribute to development of an improved and viable referral process for family practice maternity care

Workshops will include presentations on key recommendations, case discussions, practical resources, and tips on workflow and billing. Primary maternity care physicians will facilitate the session and will be matched with participants who will then have the option of contacting them after the session with any questions regarding maternity care.  

Who should attend?

These workshops are designed for Vancouver Division of Family Practice family physician and resident members who see pregnant women in their practice. Non-members who are family physicians and residents that deliver the majority of their services in Vancouver are welcome to attend the event and apply for Vancouver Division of Family Practice membership online  https://www.divisionsbc.ca/vancouver/becomingamember

What will I learn?

Vancouver family physicians are eligible to participate in this initiative for maternity care improvement by attending one, some, or all of the Workshops for Family Physicians Who Don’t Do Deliveries, whose themes include:

  1. Early prenatal care
  2. Prenatal genetic screening
  3. Initial postpartum care
  4. Hot topics in the first year of life
  5. Perinatal Mental Health

At the end of the workshop(s), participants will be able to:

  1. Apply relevant evidence regarding maternity care in family practice
  2. Describe the latest recommendations for maternity care in family practice
  3. Access resources to support the implementation of maternity care recommendations into practice
  4. Devise a plan to apply recommendations and best practices to their particular practice setting
  5. Access a network of family physicians who provide maternity care in Vancouver
  6. Identify a family physician specializing in maternity care who is available as a resource/mentor
  7. Be able to utilize GPSC maternity care incentives and billing codes in their practice

Primary Maternity Care Information Sheets

Early Prenatal Care Summary and Checklist for Family Physicians

Postpartum and Newborn Care Summary Checklist for Family Physicians

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