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Once the CPD program has been developed, sponsorship may be sought.

UBC CPD Guidelines for Support

The UBC CPD Guidelines for Support, based the National Standard (released January 2018), outline the stipulations for receiving and recognizing financial and in-kind support and managing commercial promotion. The SPC must ensure adherence to the UBC CPD Guidelines for Support of Accredited and Certified CPD Activities or all activities that receive funding from for-profit (commercial) and not-for-profit organizations. For example, the SPC must ensure that education is separated from promotion, and that all funds from commercial sources are in the form of an educational grant, and that unaccredited activities are listed separately.

Exhibit Hall

The separation of education and promotion is achieved onsite by a geographically separate exhibit hall. Commercial exhibits must be arranged in a location that is clearly and completely separated from an accredited and/or certified CPD activity.

In order to ensure this standard is met onsite, the following must be in place:

  • The proportion of representatives is minimal
  • Representatives must be clearly identified on their name badges so there is a visible difference between them and the physicians/other health care provider participants
  • Representatives can go into the learning space but only as observers
  • Representatives cannot market products at any point during the event (exhibit hall excepted)
  • Representatives cannot complete evaluation forms or be considered in needs assessments

The SPC is responsible to communicate the above requirements to the pharmaceutical representatives and ensure that there is no participation in the education in order to protect the event from industry influence.

Please note:  In cases where there is no exhibit hall and only a few representative are attending, the above elements must still be in place.

UBC CPD Logo Use

Only activities that have been granted authorization by UBC CPD through the accreditation/certification review process may use the UBC CPD logo.

Unapproved Activities

CPD activities that have not been developed or approved by the SPC to meet the Ethical, Educational and Administrative Standards, or for which accreditation/certification is not being pursued, cannot be listed or included within agendas, programs, or calendars. Announcements of unaccredited/uncertified CPD activities should not be distributed to participants by the Physician Organization.

Non-Compliance Procedures

The SPC must have a process in place to identify and address instances where CPD activities are not in compliance with the UBC CPD Guidelines for Support, and UBC CPD should be consulted should any instances arise.

See UBC CPD Non-Compliance Procedures

Sponsorship Requests (prospectus/opportunities)

The sponsorship request or prospectus outlines exactly the opportunities that sponsors would have for supporting an event. It is sent after the agenda has been developed, as a Sponsorship Request Letter or invitation outlining opportunities such as a table in exhibit hall, tiered support levels, and a limited number of representatives who may attend per level. In exchange for providing support to a UBC CPD accredited event, commercial sponsors may have the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to interact with physicians during breaks and lunch
  • Table in the exhibit hall, with choice of location depending on the support level
  • Limited number of representative attendance in sessions, clearly identified and non-participating
  • Particiapnt list including name and city of participants consenting to be on such a list, in adherence to privacy policies governing collection and distribution of private information
  • Acknowledgment of all sponsors together, using the name text and/or logo (no product names or colours) may be listed in tiered sponsorship support levels

See sample prospectus in the Sponsorship Request Letter 

Sponsorship Agreements

The UBC CPD Guidelines for Support state the terms, conditions, and purposes by which commercial sponsorship provided must be documented in a written agreement that is signed by the Physician Organization and for-profit/not-for-profit sponsors. With the new application form, submit a sample of your sponsorship agreement

See sample Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Acknowledgments

Sponsor Acknowledgment Statement:

All sponsors must be acknowledged in a standardized way using the following acknowledgment statement:

"Funds in support of this CPD Activity were provided as an educational grant to Conference ABC. The funds were independently allocated and disbursed in accordance with current UBC CPD Support Guidelines."

Where sponsors can be acknowledged:


  • In the introductory slides, with invitation to participants to visit the exhibit hall (time subtracted from credit count)
  • In the printed syllabus, clearly separated from educational content
  • On poster in the exhibit hall

In electronic formats  

  • Single-page conference website: at bottom of screen in unobtrusive manner
  • Multi-page conference website: in separate tab
  • Hyperlinks: must include notice that one is leaving the original site and being redirected to a commercial supporter site
  • Emails: no acknowledgements permitted in emails  

Participant Incentives to visit sponsor booths:

Optional: Sponsor passports - participants are permitted to receive a stamp/sticker for visiting a booth, and are entered in a prize draw, paid for by the physician organization, for participating. Any other forms of participant incentives, are not permitted, including:

Not permitted at any time
The following, along with any other forms of sponsor acknowledgment or incentives, are not permitted in conference materials or communications:

  • Advertisements
  • Blurbs describing what a company does in educational program (in exhibitor program ok)
  • Trade names, product names or group messages to participants from the event
  • Endorsements of the company or its products by the physician organization
  • Swag, insets, lanyards or other sponsor materials in delegate bags
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in educational program, on brochures/flyers
  • Company or product group colours for products that may be associated with content

Satellite symposia

No links at all are permitted between the accredited CPD Activity and any promotional sponsor symposia, known as "satellite symposia". The following elements apply:

  • The planning, budget, marketing, and execution are the solely the responsibility of the sponsoring company.
  • Must not take place at the same time, overlap, or compete with any accredited educational sessions.
  • Must be separated spatially from the educational rooms and not utilize any room used at another time by the accredited/certified CPD activity.
  • Must not be included in the conference materials (brochure, website, agenda, etc.).
  • Promotions for the satellite symposia must not be done by conference organizers. Includes distribution with the program at the registration desk and emails sent by the conference organizer.
  • Registrants are to be informed by the symposium promoters that satellite symposia are not accredited by UBC CPD and are not part of the accredited CPD activity.
  • Company promotions for the satellite symposia must be clearly labeled as separate and distinct from the UBC CPD-accredited CPD activity.
  • Participants not attending the symposia must not feel compelled to attend through the use of any incentives.




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