UBC CPD Guidelines for Support

The UBC CPD Guidelines for Support of Accredited and Certified CPD Activities 2016 outline the guiding principles pertaining to the financial or in-kind support of all UBC CPD Activities.
Changes from previous version (2009-2014):
•    Inclusion of a question pertaining to balance in the evaluations (2.4)
•    Sponsorship agreements are to be signed and countersigned (4.3)
•    UBC CPD approved sponsor benefits/incentives are listed below (6.5)
•    One-page handout at the registration desk for unaccredited symposia no longer permitted (7.3)


Sponsorship at a UBC CPD-Accredited event:

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What sponsor benefits are permitted at a UBC CPD accredited event?
What is included in a sponsorship prospectus?
What are the approved ways to acknowledge or thank sponsors?
Can conference organizers provide incentives for participants to visit sponsor booths?
Can industry satellite symposia be part of an UBC CPD-Accredited Event?
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